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Vani Cosmetics - Moonchild Loose Pigment - 2g

Vani Cosmetics - Moonchild Loose Pigment - 2g

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Moonchild is a stunning silver with shimmer.

Read about Vani Cosmetics

What is Loose Pigments?
Their Loose Pigments are a beautiful and unique blend of different shades, micro shimmers and glitters you won’t find anywhere else! They’ve been designed to showcase the beauty of small shimmers and fine glitters, giving a unique 3D-like sparkle effect! They’re highly pigmented and reflective and a must have for all glitter lovers!
Loose Pigments Key Features
✔ Cruelty-free & Vegan
✔ Highly pigmented & showcase beautifully on all skin tones
✔ Very reflective with a 3D sparkle effect
✔ Stay on all day!
✔ Easy application with effortlessly blendable colors
✔ Free from toxic parabens, sulfates, phthalates, talc

How to remove your glitter make-up? 
In order to avoid washing glitter off into our environment, please remove your glitter make-up with your make-up cleanser and a cotton swab or wet wipes. Throw the used swabs or wet wipes in your dustbin - not down the toilet! When all the glitter is removed, wash your face with your mild facial soap and warm water. Some shades may leave a slight color residue which easily comes off with makeup remover and mild facial soap.

WARNING: Vani Cosmetic glitter products are made with skin-safe glitter; however, we recommend that our customers always use caution when applying any glitter product. Vani Cosmetic pressed glitters, glitter gels and loose pigments are not for use in the eye area. Use their glitters with caution and at your own risk and discretion. We cannot be responsible for any injuries that may occur, or for unsafe or improper usage.

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