About Wear the LOVE! brand

Love isn't just a feeling - it is also an action! 

It involves giving and receiving love in a way that makes the other person in your life feel it.

Love can be elusive as it cannot be seen, tasted, smelled, touched or heard. It can only be perceived through own personal experience.

This presents a challenge, because a person can never truly know how the other person feels love for them. They can only interpret it based on how they express themselves.

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a reliable method for giving and receiving love? ...a set of specific, clear and actionable steps that would ensure your partner feels loved, appreciated and valued?

Well, my friend, fortunately, there is such a thing - it's a tangible item designed by Glitter Me, so you and your favourite person can express yourselves!

Click here to give or receive your Wear the LOVE! item and take the following specific, clear and actionable steps:

GIVE it 💖 RECEIVE it 💖 FEEL it 💖 SHARE it

I sincerely hope you will enjoy expressing yourselves through the Wear the LOVE! brand. It is created with utmost care and deliberation, ensuring that each piece embodies love, authenticity and style.

Enjoy expressing yourselves!

As a litte extra
I support ‘Projekt Hjemløs - Mad og omsorg til byens hjemløs’ and their important charity work. Therefore I donate 20% of my profits to this projekt http://projekthjemløs.dk/content/4-om-os

You ask: Why only in black?...because the colour black is classic, elegant, feminine & NEVER goes out of fashion! This amazing colour never fades & can be worn with many other colours in a formal or casual setting. BUT the best thing about the colour black is that it remains beautifully in the background, whilst making all the fabulous colours of glitter more vibrant & prominent!

Slow & limited fashion = sustainability


(All the designs created under the Wear the LOVE! brand are owned by Glitter Me DK and copyrighted)